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McWhorter's Maple Syrup- DBR's Longest Tenured Sponsor Returns For 2018

Media Contact: Steven Ovens - For Immediate Release – April 7th, 2018 –

(HORSEHEADS, NY) - The success of DelGrosso Brothers Racing has been bad fast race machines, a wheelman strapped in behind the five point harness and the great support of sponsors that have found value in the marketing dollar in motorsports activity.

DelGrosso Brothers Racing is proud to welcome back McWhorter's Maple Syrup for the 2018 season aboard the No. 11 driven by two-time Bears Auto Body Front Wheel Drive track champion Adam DelGrosso.

McWhorter's is DBR's longest tenured sponsor and also referred to as DBR's 'longest and sweetest' sponsor. McWhorter's produces maple syrup and other maple sugar products that are used on anything from their maple cream on waffles, to their award-winning syrup on pancakes, to their delicious maple candy.

"We are really pleased to welcome the McWhorter family back in the fold for this season," said DBR driver Adam DelGrosso. "To have sponsors like McWhorter's Maple Syrup believe in what we do, gives us a lot of confidence to go out and perform well for them and their customers."

Kevin and Sharon McWhorter are fourth generation maple producers, having started their own business in 1999. The fourth generation of maple producers dates back all the way to the 1920's and have led to countless talks and stories around the wood stoked fires that boil the maple sap.

McWhorter's touts their ingenuity in creating new ways to use their maple-themed product lines because they say maple goes good on anything! What is also not as commonly known in the public is that maple is a natural sugar, which makes maple syrup and other maple products a healthier choice for those out there with a sweet tooth.

What drew the McWhorter family owned and operated business was just how similar their business and the DBR team was, with family as the centerpiece.

"Our maple business is sort of like (Adam's) racing career with his family," Kevin and Sharon noted on Friday. "It is a family-operated business. You work together and literally play together and are all in it as a team together. I like to think of our maple business as an extension of our family. Without loyal sponsors, customers and family, we simply wouldn't be where we are today."

DelGrosso's dynamic duo of skill behind the wheel and in the board room with marketing partners is a major player in why McWhorter's is proud to be the team's longest tenured sponsor.

"(Adam) is very likable, down to earth and just a genuine good guy. Adam has been out to see the maple operation and here we are years later. Being a sponsor of Adam is a no brainer for McWhorter's. He loves our products, talks highly of them and is passionate about his sport."

For this local maple producer, their driver connecting his fans to their product is a simple case of one hand washing the other.

"He has been given the name 'The Maple Cream Kid.' Things like that draw his fans to want to give our products a try, which brings us new customers. We see results from our support of this local motorsports team. We enjoy watching the races (as well) and hearing him talk about our products."

Race fans and fans of DelGrosso Brothers Racing can find McWhorter's Maple Syrup and other maple products at 118 Baker Road in Millerton, PA.

McWhorter's will also be a major player in the upcoming 'Endless Mountains Maple Festival' coming up on Saturday and Sunday April 28-29 in Troy, PA. The Maple Festival features many maple themed products, contests and two big grandstand events on Saturday and Sunday. The Reese Ranch Rodeo kicks out of the chutes on Saturday April 28, with a Monster Truck Show planned for Sunday April 29.

DelGrosso Brothers Racing, owned by Josiah and Cori DelGrosso, and driven by two-time Bears Auto Body Front Wheel Drive track champion Adam DelGrosso exemplifies all that is right in the grass roots racing world. Racing as a family and with great sponsor support, the team competes weekly at tracks in New York State and Pennsylvania of the Northeastern United States.

DelGrosso Brothers Racing is supported by incredible marketing partners like the Law Office of Kevin P. Flynn, McWhorter's Maple Syrup, Turn 5 Media, LLC, Stinger Sports, Finger Lakes Sign & Design, Valley Auto Center and Bears Auto Body.

For more information on DelGrosso Brothers Racing, visit their website, or their many social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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