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Adam's Fast Facts


Age: 33


Married, Single?: Engaged to my beautiful fiancé Andrea


Kids:  Kiera, Camden, Caleb


Hometown:  Addison, NY


Where do you call home now?: Horseheads, NY


Interests: Cooking, video games, hunting


Nicknames:  Walkie, Maple Cream KID


Favorite City or Place: Pittsburgh or Buffalo (Although the Philippines and Italy are on my bucket list)


Best moment in racing: My first win in 2011


Worst moment in racing: Fracturing a vertebra in 2017 at Outlaw Speedway. 


Worst fear:  Getting tased


Favorite Track:  Woodhull Raceway


Favorite quote:  “Eyes closed, head first, cant lose .” 


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?: Cookie Dough 


Favorite dinner?: Steak and any kind of seafood. 


Name one thing race fans wouldn't know about you: I’m a pretty good cook. 


Five laps to go- want to be leading or be the one chasing?: Chasing, there is no feeling in the world like stalking the leader as the laps wind down

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